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Asked 133 months ago by tonti  
I am using your tool and just have to say it is great and my chinese is improving :-)
what I am missing is as follows:

I am learning the & write....than I would like to learn how to use it...
so when I click on the character I will find many "Example Sentences". They are great but
it would be the third step for me as they are little difficult....
so I am missing Wordexamples......sometimes there are....sometimes not...

Example: 发

I will find two example sentences...

but not like on my learningcards:
发现 Discover
发展 Development
发票 Invoice
发音 Pronounciation

it would be great if you could add as many of I really could give up my learning cards

thank you for your efforts
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In future when describing single characters we will try to include more words in addition to phrases.

Given the number of characters in our database it will take some time to go trough them, so in the meantime would suggest you use the possibility to search based on the character of the detail view. Just mark the character and then you will see the possibility to search for it, in the result you will see words which use that character. You always can return to the original detailed view without need to restart a search or training session.
Answered 133 months ago by klaus
dear klaus
that is excactly my problem
when I get lost in the detailview with \"Search all\"....
I can not find my way back to the training session and thats why I dont go there...
(but Indeed this would solve the problem and I would find exactly what I am missing)

if I press the \"backbutton\" it brings me to \"Browse word list\" if I press back again I drop out of the programm, If I press  \"Training\" it would start again....
I am using HTC ONE S, Android. If you want I can send u some screenshots.....
thank you
Answered 133 months ago by tonti
After searching you can tap on the \"train\" button, then you will be back to the list which you have been training.
Am not sure if that is enough? on iOS you even would be going back to the word you started with, that is not possible (yet) with Android. But as said at least tapping on the Training button will return you to the list you selected to train.
Answered 133 months ago by klaus
dear klaus
unfortunately this is not enough. For example when I am working on a list (100charakters)
it takes me about one hour. So if I am at word 60....and look into details....than want to return
I will get the list "virgin" again and need to start form 1 again.....
And its even worse if I choose more than one list to train....
when will it be possible with android :-)
Answered 133 months ago by tonti
klaus says:
We will include a more precise returning function into the next Update (not yet scheduled). Problem is that with Android handling this return is not that easy :(

As for the learning progress. Actually the app remembers what you already learned, so even though you will "start" a list or group of lists, it does not mean that you will repeat previous words. But of course we understand that in any case it would be much better to return exactly to where you started that additional search and avoid the need to restart learning.