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Asked 137 months ago by baien  valid Edit
Many of the entries from the Radicals list are incorrect. You can link to many of the incorrect characters to the dictionary and see the correct character, but the entry on the radical list is not right. At first I started to submit some of the errors. You can compare to the Wikipedia article and see. It just got to be such a waste of time that I could not continue to study incorrect meanings. 

Please refund me my subscription in full.  <Last sentences removed by editor >
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We can not guarantee that our dictionary is free from errors, but we try to do our best, and we will correct any entries that should be wrong.
Particularly regarding the meaning of characters - and even more so for radicals there could be ambiguities as they evelved from antique times and may refer to different meanings. Nevertheless the meanings and also pronunciations we included in our dictionary should represent the current mainstream. Regarding the 3 messages we revceived for "errors" two of them are strange as the entries to our dictionary are completely consistent with the entries into the (english) Wikipedia but on the third one the translation used in our dictionary is "old" and is corrected just now:

In detail:
1) 亅radical for "hook" with Pinyin jué (this is the same pinyin and the same meaning given by the English Wikipedia - radical 6)

2) 彡 radical for "bristle" is correct (consistent with the entry in Wikipedia, where it is counted as radical 59)

3) In ancient Chinese "卩" was a talisman or symbol of credit. Nowadays its used in characters related to this meaning. You can say the radical "卩" means credit or trustworthiness, e.g. in "印" (seal). So it can better be translated as "seal" instead of "kneel", that would also eb in line with the Wikipedia entry (Radical 26)

As for the refund, we have issued a refund for you. Please note that you still can use the account at trainchinese, but will be limited in relation to the number of new words you like to add.

Note: We have edited the last part of your entry as we do niot think it is appropriate to use our Q&A section for promoting other products.
Answered 137 months ago by klaus valid Edit
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