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I am using the site for some time already and have some old cards on my phone which I do not want to continue to see. How can I get rid of them?
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To remove cards from your iPhone the best way is to log into the website and go to Content and then Your Flashcards. Then you will see a list of all flashcards which you are learning.
For those cards you do not want to learn any more, just check them and then press Remove Flashcards.
After removing your flashcards please go to your iPhone Application and press Update Cards.

All  removed flashcards will be added to your Blocked Words, that means that this words will not be included to your flashcards even if they may be in some lists which you want to use later, The only way to remove them form the blocked list is to do so manually. 

To clear up words form the blocked list, you can either do so directly from the blocked list or by adding them from any other list. All blocked words are marked with a blue circle containing a white / . Just press on the circle and the card is returned back to your flashcards and can be learned.
By the way above description to remove cards is valid for all our applications - Desktop, Java-Phone(Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola ...)  or iPhone/ipod Touch.
Answered 173 months ago by klaus valid Edit
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klaus lautet:
If you want to clear up all cards from your phone, please go to settings and chane your nick-name (or email) to any text (for example 'xxx') then the phone will clear up all cards! After that just enter your original nick-name or email.