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is there any other chance than completely delete the learning progress? 
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Yes - a much better way is to open your account on the website and then to select "Content" and the memorized words slect the words you want to re-learn. There you have 2 options:
- Restart learning altogether by selecting "Learn again"
- Put the card to the last stage of learning (if passed then the card will get back into 'Memorized', if you have problem in passing it will stay to be learned again). To do this you need to "Review once".

When you finish, please "Update Cards" on your app to get the changes loaded to the device.
Answered 125 months ago by klaus valid Edit
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Cyrus2 lautet:
Is there any chance to individulize the learning patterns? 
The 5 days, 10 days mode might not be the best way for everybody to learn!? Or is it a option to regulary impliment a 3rd step? 
klaus lautet:
There are two basic parameters (to be set after logging nto the website):
- Initial sleeping time: This time will be used for the first time a card goes to sleep. Consequent sleeping periods are typically double the previous sleeping time (exception - see below)
- Number of repetitions: Number of times a card needs to sleep for full length until it is considered memorized.

One additional setting is to select to use the Advanced algorithm for calculating sleeping time. This will adjust sleeping time automatically based on the previous performance in testing the word. This that will lead to sleeping times between +/- 50% of the standard sleeping time. Typically that adjustment gets more accurate the more a card was trained.

Finally one announcement, we are just testing a new update which initially will be available for the Android trainchinese app, that will allow to manually adjust sleeping time each time a card goes to sleep.