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Asked 154 months ago by Flown  
I am learning Chinese now, think it is not too difficult to learn to speak (although may be I am not yet getting all tones right). The writing and reading is much more difficult. Some people say I can skip that and just focus on verbal Chinese. Others say I should consider to learn Characters. Any opinion on this?
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There are some Chinese classes and textbooks are Pinyin(phonetic transcription)-based indeed. It\'s OK if you just want to learn some basic expressions and daily conversations. You can communicate with Chinese all the same and even send Pinyin e-mail to them.

But I strongly recommended you learn the characters。It is one of the most essential part of Chinese culture. Though it is particularly challenging to make a start, the more characters you know, the easier it will be.
Answered 154 months ago by flyingdsh
One good news, if you have an iPad or iPhone then you can play a new game which will help you to memorize Chinese characters.
Search for trainchinese Chinese Writer on the iTunes store! and I am sure you will like it!
Answered 132 months ago by klaus
klaus says:
The link to that application is the following: