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Using my word lists, some words I want to only practice recognition and translation with no characters involved (Pinyin, English, and Sound Recognition).  This is for helping me remember words which I have not yet had the time to study the characters.  How do I set the practice mode so no characters are displayed?  This is for both Desktop and Samsung Note 3.
Thanks, Rick 
The training modes are specific for each word/card. So you can change the training modes for each card at any time.
If you re using the app, select "Details" and then "Modes", now you can switch on of off any mode for this card. On the website you can do that directly on the training page of that card, or by displaying the card details.

Be aware that the "default" training modes as set up in the settings will always be applied for each new card - and that if you change the "default" modes and then select to apply them to "All cards" that will override the changes you may ahve done in the training modes for all of your cards!
Answered 104 months ago by klaus