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Asked 116 months ago by rickposner  
Going back to this question, I guess I'm not understanding.  First of all, when opening the app, I don't see a place to choose details.  Please advise.

Let's just start with the first step, then I will ask further.


Former Answer:

The training modes are specific for each word/card. So you can change the training modes for each card at any time. 
If you re using the app, select "Details" and then "Modes", now you can switch on of off any mode for this card. On the website you can do that directly on the training page of that card, or by displaying the card details.

Be aware that the "default" training modes as set up in the settings will always be applied for each new card - and that if you change the "default" modes and then select to apply them to "All cards" that will override the changes you may ahve done in the training modes for all of your cards!

Answered 3 months ago by klaus     Add comment

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Your question was on how to change the training modes for certain cards (so as to only learn some aspects of them and not all without affecting the training mods of the other cards). There are several ways to reach the \"details\" of one of your words, probably the easiest one is:
  •  Please open the trainchinese app,
  •  Choose \"Training\", then you will see your lists of vocabulary.
  •  Open the list where the words are by tapping on the list name
  •  Tap on the word within the list
  • Now you see the word, with all the corresponding details of the word, on iOS below the audio speaker button you see three tags (\"Related\", \"Notes\" and \"Modes\").
    On Android there is a button called \"Modes\", just right of the loudspeaker button.
  •  Select \"Modes\"
  •  Change the modes by switching on those you like to keep.
You can also reach the details screen in case you are already training, then you can see the button for the details in the top right corner of the phone (one iOS) or lower right corner (on Android), after pressing it you will see the same green page with the details of the card as described above.


The method to change the training modes for individual cards can be used for as many cards as you like, in case you want to change the training modes for all of your cards then please use the \"settings\" where you can select the training modes for all future cards you may create (and also apply this setting to all cards -which will overwrite any settings for those cards).
Answered 116 months ago by klaus
rickposner says:
Wonderful explanation.  Very clear and precise.

My next question is:  Can I designate a mode for an entire lists?  My objective is to separate the words I'm learning only pinyin from the smaller amount of words of which I'm  learning the characters and pinyin.  

Many of us older students can only remember a limited amount of characters yet can learn many more words through only the pinyin system.

Thank you, Klaus
Am sorry, the change of training modes is only possible for individual cards or for all cards. Currently it is not possible to do it for all cards of one list. But we had such a request before and have it in our "to do" list - but the list is quite long ... So it may take some time to implement - even though based on your comment it now has been prioritized.

In case we do implement such a function will be (at least for some time) only be available on-line (i.e. using the website).
Answered 116 months ago by klaus