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Asked 121 months ago by MichaelCo  valid Edit

I would like to add some sentences from my textbook.
How can I do this?
What kind of input do you need?
Do you need the chinese characters? (no idea how to put them in wiht my computer) or is pinyin text sufficient. Do you need the English translation?
Can I do it immedeatly or will there be a time delay?
And in the latter case - how will I know when the card is established and available?
Thanks a lot in advance, Michael

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Hi Michael,

We already have quite some structures and short sentences in our database and are adding new ones also based on the suggestions of our users (like you). We have prepared a tool to add words and sentences to be checked by one of our teachers (they will check correct characters, Pinyin and translation) and prepare the recordings (which normally will take a little to be finished). The addition normally happens within one working day.

To add words and sentences you will need to copy paste (or write) the Chinese characters please log into your trainchinese account at and the select "Content" and there Import word lists from the right side of the page.

You will be informed by email as soon as the words have been checked. Words then will will appear automatically in your vocabulary list.

In case you can not write the Chinese characters, can you please check if you can find the corresponding words (by using Pinyin or Translation) and then re-build the sentence based on its parts? You can copy paste the individual charters to any document, and then later again into the form which is used on the trainchinese page to send the data out to our teachers. IS that an acceptable solution?
Answered 121 months ago by klaus valid Edit
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