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Good morning
I don't understand your tarification. You want me to pay a new substription tough I am forbidden uploading on my hard disk every hanzi enlisted. I got 1018 enlisted and only 631 uploaded. Is it fair? I need the lower tarif for six month  with the right to upload the whole.
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good afternoon M.Klaus  and thanks for answer.
You put a brake on the allowances I could get uploading chinese caracters on my computer because I hadn\'t pay my subscription (20 only in spite of two years as customer). We begin a new month at present . I am ready to make a paiment o 19.99$. Will you confirm please that I could have the 753 signs in free use.
Answered 110 months ago by meleze
klaus says:
Even without subscription you can continue to use the "Trainchinese Dictionary and Flashcards" app and continue training using the flashcards of all of your cards.

If you wish to use the other apps, particularely the "Chinese Writer" app, then the appls will only wors in the reduced scope. So if you wish to use all the characters belonging to your vocabulary) that you have on the trainchinese lists within the Writer, then you will need a subscription - or you just buy all character packs for the Writer (9.99 USD).

So if you jsyut wish to continue learning the lists youa lready have you can just select to either use ony the trainchiense app (nothing to pay) or to purchase the Writer app (9.99 USD). But of course if you want to continue adding more words or if you want to sue other functions you better buy a subscription.
Sorry for the delay, but we had difficulties to find out what you were referring to, but we found it out. In fact while you have 1033 cards the number of characters contained are  741 within in cards with training mode for reading and 753 characters in cards with dictation mode enabled.

So the reason for the discrepancy is that the 1033 words (or phrases) that you have in your vocabulary are formed using those 753 characters.
Answered 110 months ago by klaus