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Hi, I am thinking to purchase limited lifetime subscription ($79.99) but I am not sure what apps it includes. Does it cover all five apps in iOS? Is accounting syncing between all apps going to work? Please clarify what is included in lifetime and what is missing from regular subscription or Education edition of the apps. I am student learning basic Chinese, just FIY. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you. 

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Thank you for considering becoming a lifetime subscriber. As a paying subscriber you also have access to our other apps which can be very helpful to work on your Chinese from different angles.

- The Audio trainer, will allow you to listen repeatedly to Chinese words and phrases from your own vocabulary. (very useful for training while doing sports, commuting or just relaxing)

- The Chinese Writer can help you if you are interested in the Chinese Characters of the words you are learning.

The following apps may be useful if you are new to Chinese:
- Pinyin Trainer (to sharpen your ears for the different tones of Chinese) And the
- Number Trainer All those applications are available on the App store. 

Just download the free version and then use the 'upgrade' function or the settings within that free app to let the app know you are a paying subscriber - that will give you full access to all features of the app.

Answered 5 months ago by lisaC valid Edit
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