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Is there an easy way to mark groups of cards as learned?
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Using the app you could swipe on each entry (there are additional buttons which include the possibility to set the card as learned without need to open each entry.

On the Website you can set as learned lists of cards, to do that log in and select content, then \"Your Flashcards\" and sleect the cards that you like to consider \"learned\".

Please remember to \"Update Cards\" after changing the status - that will ensure that both the server and the app are synchronized!
Answered 132 months ago by klaus valid Edit
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I was wondering the same thing and these instructions are very unclear. I tried "swiping" and nothing. ans why isn't there a convenient way to do this on the website?? one can mark particular words within a list in order to move them or delete? - why not make an option for marking them as "learned" ? 

I'll appreciate your reply, 
Answered 131 months ago by cmerav valid Edit
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klaus lautet:
Just answered your separate question, but will include the answer here in case other users are interested:

On the phone:
As you already mention, swipe on the name of each word to mark them as "learned", alternatively it would be opening the details view and click on the set as learned button there.

On the Website
It is possible to set to learned for groups of words shown on one window at the same time:
1) Go to Content, and select "All flashcards", then click on the top of the right side which says "Click here to search for cards within all of your flashcards" to get those cards you want to set as learned. - You may for example select based on list names, nad then exclude already memorized cards.
(If you have many cards to work it may be convenient at this moment to choose 100 Cards per page )
2) Then click on "Check all" and select the "set as Memorized" button.