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Asked 130 months ago by Bbb  valid Edit
Getting started I did not understand quite where I was going with this tool. I went from free to subscribing. I decided to make trainchinese a centerpiece of my study,

However, in the beginning I named lists very differently than are needed for my now expanded use. 

So, I have lists that have inaccurate/misleading names, and I can't change them. I guess I can live without renaming the lists -- but seems like it would be such a basic function to have -- at the web site or on iOS, (or both)

Is there a real problem with adding this feature? Will it be added in the future?

Thank you very much! I love this tool. Bbb 
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The renaming of lists (and also moving, deleting) is available
- on iOS: Swipe with your finger on the name.
- On Android press longer time on the name.

On the web, open the list and then press on the rename icon on the top right of the title line of the list.
Answered 130 months ago by klaus valid Edit
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