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Asked 131 months ago by fer10  valid Edit

What does the number in the message "Not bad! you made progress with 84 cards within 7 days!" mean?

It goes up when I include new cards, learn cards or review cards.

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The information is telling you how many cards where tested within the 7 days. It includes any type of test, but counts each card only once (that is if one card is tested 3 times it will count this as one card).

For example, you have a list with 40 cards and open it to "Practice". You start with the first flashcard and select "do not know", then the next card will show up, assuming you click on the "I know" button. and now you go back to the home screen, then the number of cards you made progress with is increased by 2 (unless those cards happen to be trained earlier during the 7 day period - in that case the number will not change).
Answered 131 months ago by klaus valid Edit
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